Weight watchers smart points for panera bread

Weight watchers smart points for panera bread

Panera bread sandwiches to get your carbs on frontega chicken panini on focaccia (half portion) , smartpoints value 10 (green), 9 (blue), 9 (purple) mediterranean veggie sandwich on tomato basil (half portion) , smartpoints value 7 (green), 7 (blue), 7 (purple).

  a panera bread bowl cream of chicken & wild rice soup contains 23 weight watchers freestyle.

  these weight watchers points and restaurant nutrition are for panera bread.

Theres no reason to forgo panera bread just because youre following myww. Use your ww (weight watchers) smartpoints wisely with these tips.

  there are lots of low-point food options that still taste great. Paneras salads, low-calorie soups, and healthy sandwiches will have you feeling full and satisfied after your next panera run.

Weight watchers points for panera bread & weight watchers points plus for panera bread this page shows the weight watchers points for panera bread. Quote report to administrator 47 admin-kristel 1207.

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Weight watchers smart points for panera bread

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