Vynam com reviews

Vynam com reviews

43 stars from 138 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with vynam most frequently mention customer care, good quality and online shopping.

Com reviews & complaints reported by sheetal bodkhe contact information vynam. When even after 15 days my sarrees were not delivered i contacted them on whats app, only after pestering them vynam.

As im living in virginia, usa, its difficult to find a designer here. One of the friend suggests vynam, its truly amazing experience the way customer care people gave a assistance with designer in call support & qulaity design as well.

Com reviews & complaints reported by ramya contact information vynam. They sent something that i didnt order which is less than what i paid online. Shipped my order without blouse stitching though i paid for stitching online.

Two days after they got back to us saying the product is unavailable so we managed to chose another one. When we pinged every week, the answer would be product shipped ll send you tracking details soon.

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Vynam com reviews

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