The wolf among us bad choices

The wolf among us bad choices

  in the wolf among us episode 1 we make evil and bad choices with the big bad wolf.

  the wolf among us takes place prior to the comics and lets players take on the role of bigby wolf (the big bad wolf), who has been exiled to new york city.

In each episode, we will find several such decisions and the game will adapt itself to them automatically. It is not clearly stated which choice is good or bad, or whether it will in fact influence our gameplay. Sometimes we will have to choose from two options that will both bring bad results.

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The wolf among us gives you choices, and each of them has further consequences. Its not said that this choice is bad or good or that itll reflect is the further story.

After sentencing (which i stalled on for the first choice, then chose the well for the 2nd choice), i saw colin in the elevator and all the choices were blank, then it switched to cranes office where all the choices were blank.

  playing through episode 3, i noticed that a lot of the choices from the previous episodes started to show up (lawrence for example). But continuing, that big choice of where to go first didnt really matter.

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The wolf among us bad choices

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