Sudrania fund services

Sudrania fund services

Sudrania fund services has developed an innovative cloud-based technology offering that along with their experienced team of fund administration advisors is disrupting the traditional high-cost fund services model.

Com offers fund administration services, shadow accounting services, investor services, taxation services, crypto fund, hedge fund, private equity, mutual fund, cta, impact, cdfi, cpo, real estate fund, ria.

Skyler has more than 20 years of experience in finance, fund administration, and middle and back office service for both public and private investment funds. Skyler has held senior roles in business development, operations, and client services for fund administrators, broker-dealer, and a state bank investment program.

Nilesh sudrania started sudrania fund services in 2016 with an eye on the future. Today he has built one of the most innovative fund administration companies in the industry.

Com is a team of experienced professionals who have developed a software solutions for hedge fund administration and backoffice operations for the investment management businesses.

Services we provide - fund administration - nav calculation services - investor services - registrar and transfer agent - treasury services - shadow accounting - tax services - audit support.

Let us show you how an end-to-end cloud-based fund administration platform built on the latest technology can integrate and improve your operations. We will show you how we can provide the data, reporting and information fund that managers and sponsors need to make the best investment and fund operations decisions.

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Sudrania fund services

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