Stamp proper foods menu

Stamp proper foods menu

Breakfast (served all day) gf gluten-free, v vegetarian, vg vegan, 2.

Choice of two of the following items mixed greens, breakfast potatoes, or toast (with butter and or jam). Three pieces of toast shaked in a vanilla , cinnamon custard made with almond milk, organic eggs.

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Menu, hours, photos, and more for stamp proper foods located at 4500 los feliz blvd, los angeles, ca, 90027-2099, offering breakfast, vegetarian, dinner, healthy and lunch. View the menu for stamp proper foods on menupages and find your next meal.

00 kelp noodles, green and red cabbage, carrots, snap peas, red pepper, pea sprouts, seaweed, toasted almonds, pickled ginger.

An effusive welcome by staff as i came in to have breakfast and ordered their breakfast omelet your way (gf) in which you have choice of 3 items tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, onions, bell-peppers, cheese, kale etc.

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Stamp proper foods menu

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