Puerto vallarta airport bus to sayulita

Puerto vallarta airport bus to sayulita

  3 take public transport (bus) if you are willing to take public transport despite covid, you can find regular busses from puerto vallarta airport to sayulita. These busses have the big letters compostela on them and usually have a digital sign in front that says sayulita.

  the best way to get from puerto vallarta airport (pvr) to sayulita (station) without a car is to bus which takes 1h 5m and costs 10 - 30.

There isnt a bus that goes right from the airport to sayulita. If youre traveling on a budget to mexico this might be your only option.

Enjoy private transportation from the puerto vallarta airport to sayulita. Transportation is provided in up to date and clean vehicles with certified drivers. Sayulita has become a hub for yoga and surf on the mexican westcoast.

Busbud helps you find a bus from puerto vallarta to sayulita. Get the best fare and schedule, book a round trip ticket or find buses with wifi and electrical outlets. Bus service from puerto vallarta to sayulita will be provided by the most trusted bus companies.

Reach your destination promptly you wont need any additional taxi or bus. Discoverymundo makes it really simple to transport travelers arriving or departing from puerto vallarta international airport to sayulita area or any other specific place in the sayulita, puerto vallarta area.

From the puerto vallarta international airport, youll drive or bus north on hwy mex 200. Sayulita is about 22 miles (36 km) north of the puerto vallarta airport. Upon exiting the airport follow the signs for compostela and tepic.

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Puerto vallarta airport bus to sayulita

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