Pack rat storage rates

Pack rat storage rates

  if you need to store your items by the month, plan on spending 150 to 190 per month to keep them in a pack rat storage unit. This rate will depend on the current promotion and which rate the representative offers.

1-800-pack-rat mobile storage beats moving and rental trucks hands down in convenience, security, flexibility, and reliability. So ditch the rental truck and leave the driving to us! Compare now.

  outdoor rv and auto storage (priced per unit) assigned spaces yearly rate up to 20 ft.

Most people find that even with the additional benefits 1-800-pack-rat provides, we can still offer lower rates than pods. Get your free online quote from 1-800-pack-rat and see how we compare with pods moving or storage costs.

  if you need more time, 1-800-pack-rat offers residential storage for a storage fee of 280 per monthor storage at a 1-800-pack-rat warehouse for 290 per month.

  pack rat moving costs the average cost of a long-distance moving using the pack rat steel-framed container (8 feet wide, 12 feet tall, 16 feet wide) is 3,439. Pack rat is a strong contender in the business of you pack, we drive.

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Pack rat storage rates

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