Massmutual odyssey annuity

Massmutual odyssey annuity

Massmutual odyssey select (odyssey select) is a flexible premium deferred fixed annuity issued by massachusetts mutual life insurance company (massmutual ). Odyssey select offers tax-deferred growth with protection of principal (provided you dont withdraw money from your contract) and a variety of guaranteed income options.

An annuity is a contract with an insurance company designed to help you accumulate funds for a long-term goal (like retirement) andor protect you from the risk of outliving your savings. Payments into deferred annuities grow tax-deferred, and their value can be withdrawn or converted into a guaranteed income stream for a specific duration of years or your lifetime 2.

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Mass mutual describes the odyssey select annuity as a financial vehicle that is specifically designed for conservative investors. This is because fixed annuities offer unique features that can provide growth, income, and peace of mind.

Deferred fixed annuities require a deferral period before you can begin receiving income. The money in your contract is credited with a fixed rate of interest for a specific period of time and you wont have to pay taxes on your earnings until you withdraw them as income. 1 because there is no exposure to market risk, your principal is protected.

Annuities will also have various charges and fees that you need to be mindful of especially because these can have an effect on the amount of money that you end up with. In the case of the mass mutual odyssey select 9 myga annuity, the fees will primarily come into play if you decide to withdraw most or all of your money from the contract.

  access your massmutual accounts and policies - anywhere, anytime. Account access at your fingertips - view information about your massmutual insurance, annuities, pension annuities and investment accounts - view bills, schedule payments, update your address, download 1099s and more.

The simplest form of an annuity, a fixed annuity, guarantees a stream of fixed payments over a certain period of time andor a persons lifetime. Prior to this income phase, the insurance company credits interest that will never be less than the rate guaranteed by the annuity contract.

Massmutual describes its fixed annuities as financial vehicles that can provide you with predictability, liquidity, and even a death benefit. With an myga annuity like the stable voyage 3, the interest rate is locked in for three years.

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Massmutual odyssey annuity

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