Madden 12 franchise scouting tips

Madden 12 franchise scouting tips

  when in the scouting menu for the first time during a franchise season you will notice there are absolutely no ratings revealed for a player.

Typically, ill scout all of the ones at the position i need. You should be able to scout all the lts and some lolbs the first week.

For madden nfl 12 on the xbox 360, a gamefaqs message board topic titled franchise scouting tips.

This will be a very long post, but worth it for getting the most out of the scouting process. Here is a list of positions and attributes unlocked in each stage of the scouting process updated lb scouting process.

  perfect draft strategy for madden 12 franchise mode (tips) (cheats) (ps3) - youtube. Perfect draft strategy for madden 12 franchise mode (tips) (cheats) (ps3) watch later.

Scout package as soon as possible for the extra points never spend a scouting point after you are sure that a player has been eliminated use your draft board to organize add players to it, and raise them up based upon how much above the targets they are assume that you will not be able to scout every position.

The usual rate of scouting skill unlock is 15 points for the first skill, 10 for the second, and 5 for the third. With a scouting discount applied, the prices reduce to 11, 7 and 3 respectively.

  so kind of like the wide receivers, third round minimum, and no skill below a b minus. But when it comes to the combine report, there are two skills in particular that you want to keep an eye on. The 40-yard dash not as important for the tight end position as it was for the wide receivers and running backs, but you still want to identify the three-cone in the 20-yard shuttle.

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Madden 12 franchise scouting tips

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Madden 12 franchise scouting tips

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