Largest shopping mall in scandinavia

Largest shopping mall in scandinavia

Mall of scandinavia the biggest shopping center in scandinavia mall of scandinavia has opened its doors in arenastaden in solna, just outside stockholm.

  the largest shopping mall in scandinavia review of itis shopping complex reviewed july 17, 2012 currently named itis, and consist of 250 shops, 30 restaurants, offices.

Mall of scandinavia in solna, outside stockholm, is scandinavias largest shopping centre with more than 220 shops and restaurants. Since the start of the project in 2013, sweco has provided a wide range of services.

  2021s top shopping malls in scandinavia include geks ullared, taby centrum aker brygge.

  mall of scandinavia is a new shopping mall in stockholm that today, november 12, 2015, opens its doors in the area arenastaden in solna, a few kilometers north of stockholm city.

  the year 2015 saw the opening of the mall of scandinavia, the largest shopping mall in the nordic countries, in solna, sweden.

Unibail-rodamco is today the largest shopping mall owner in sweden and it is also a leading company in europe with a total of 31 shopping malls in its portfolio. When mall of scandinavia opened its doors in 2015, technically skilled staff with focus on high service and flexibility was requested to ensure customer comfort.

  westgate shopping city is the largest in croatia covering an area of 226,000.

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Largest shopping mall in scandinavia

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Largest shopping mall in scandinavia

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