King kong online code 1

King kong online code 1

You will still take damage, but will not lose a life however high falls and fire can still cause loss of life.

  fyi, it did not affect the achievements by not getting these codes. As long as you get the required amount of points after completion of the game you still get all the achievement points, so i got the 1k points. However, you will not be able to use the horizontal flip or see the philippa boyens interview without the two online codes.

  weta artworks enviroments part 1 complete 5 of the game weta artworks enviroments part 2 complete 25 of the game then obtain online code 1 weta artworks enviroments part 3 obtain an overall score of 50,000 points weta artworks kong part 1 complete 75 of the game weta artworks kong part 2 obtain an overall score of 20,000 points.

  get a 25 game completion and obtain the correct online code for your particular game at www.

  enter lance 1nf (this code uses 1, not i) to unlock unltd. Next, since you cannot move, hold l1 and a spear should show up in your hand.

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King kong online code 1

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