Icici world debit card lounge access

Icici world debit card lounge access

Your icici bank mastercard world debit card comes with the added security of zero liability, a unique feature which protects you against unauthorised purchase or loss, theft or misplacement.

Icici bank nri world debit card conveniences your nri world debit card is safe, convenient and simple to use and is valid both in india and overseas. Shopping you can enjoy cashless shopping and also keep a track of your spends. Worldwide acceptance your nri world debit card is accepted for payments and cash withdrawals at millions of merchantswebsites and atms across 200 countries.

West bengal kolkata tfs lounge - domestic west bengal kolkata tfs lounge - international list of participating lounges is subject to changes as per the banks policy, without prior notice.

Eligible cardholders will get access to the lounge, and food & beverages as applicable under the agreement between mastercard and the lounge. Cardholder is advised to check what services and facilities are covered in the mastercard lounge access program.

To get a free entry to the lounge, just swipe your debit card for a minimum value of 2 (visa debit card) 25 (master debit card) at the point of entry.

  debit cards issued by popular banks like hdfc bank, icici bank, axis bank etc. Mastercard india has the most generous airport lounge access program followed by visa and rupay. Prefer debit cards on mastercard platform over visa & rupay as former has wider coverage of airport lounges in their network.

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Icici world debit card lounge access

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