Hsa account services pnc bank as custodian

Hsa account services pnc bank as custodian

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Pnc bank accepts its appointment as custodian of the above referenced account and has established an hsa for the account holder under internal revenue code section 223(a). Pnc bank, as a custodian, cannot accept assets other than cash in the form of a check. Upon receipt of the check, the proceeds will be credited to the above referenced hsa.

A custodial account under the uniform transfers to minors act (utma) allows you to save for your child or grandchilds future needs, including (but not limited to) higher education expenses. Although custodial accounts are not tax-advantaged accounts, earnings and withdrawals may be subject to the childs tax rate rather than the account holders.

Hsa account services (pnc bank as custodian) po box 162177 altamonte springs, fl 32716 1 pnc is a registered mark of the pnc financial services group, inc.

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Hsa account services pnc bank as custodian

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Hsa account services pnc bank as custodian

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