How to invest hsa fidelity

How to invest hsa fidelity

  someone who does not know when they should tap into money in their hsa or how to invest 10,000 keep cash target high in case you need help paying for major medical bills invest the rest in a balanced portfolio consider fidelity health hsa savings fund asset allocation of hsa fund - 30 stocks (with potential to range from 20 to 40).

Investing hsa money can be a great way prepare for your health care costs through retirement.

  first, log in or register for an american fidelity online account. From your dashboard, click manage my reimbursement account, then select your health savings account. Note you must have a minimum balance of 2,500 in your hsa before you can begin investing.

  exactly how i invest my fidelity hsa! The hsa, or health savings account, is the single most powerful wealth-building vehicle out there.

Investing (just now) this hypothetical example is illustrative and doesnt represent the performance of any security in a fidelity hsa. Actual net returns will be based on the investors investment choices within the fidelity hsa. This example does not account for the effect of interest, dividends, and taxes.

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How to invest hsa fidelity

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How to invest hsa fidelity

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