How to cancel curology after free trial

How to cancel curology after free trial

  step 1 visit the curology website and login to your account. Step 3 click on the i want to cancel on the bottom of the page.

  to start the process, you need to cancel your curology account first. You will find this option at the bottom of the payment page. By clicking the option, it will lead you to a page where some questions are being asked before the cancellation.

Continue surfing free trials, click on the payment page, please check in with your provider or our support team, the following methods work for a regular paid subscription and for people who claimed a free trial, got charged, if i do cancel my subscription and decide to start again a few months later, i will likely just cancel my subscription, the brand makes it easy to cancel curology,.

  how to cancel curology in this guide, i will show you how to cancel your curology subscription right now and get your refunds back, if you follow these steps very well, you get up to a 98 success rate. Curology is a subscription-based telehealth skincare company that produces various skin car products promised to treat acne, fine lines, and many other skin-related problems.

Ok, so i made an account with curology and i ordered the free trial. I decided i didnt really like what they sent me and so i went to their website to cancel my subscription.

As the end of your trial period approaches, you can log in to your account to adjust your plan. After your first 30 days youll be charged monthly for curology refills.

Will my curology free trial automatically renew into a paid membership? Yes, it will. In case you dont cancel your curology free trial, they will ship the same box and charge you for it. You should cancel your free trial one to two business days (or even more) before your free trial expires to avoid the automatic renewal into a paid subscription.

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How to cancel curology after free trial

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