Grid bot trading

Grid bot trading

  grid trading allows you to buy and sell orders at predetermined price intervals. The buy and sell orders are set below and above the current price. As soon as a sell order is executed, you can place a buy order a level below it and vice versa.

  grid trading bot is the trading bot that helps you to perform the grid trading strategy. It helps you to place series of buy and sell orders within the price range. Whenever a sell order gets fully executed, the bot will place another buy order immediately at a lower grid level and vice versa.

  a grid bot does its best to earn on every price movement through buying lower and selling higher. When the price goes down the bot accumulates the chosen asset when the price goes up the bot sells. All it needs is to specify the lower and upper price of the grid and the width of each level, where the bot will buy and sell the coins.

The grid trading strategy is best suited to a ranging sideways market with no clear direction, and a grid bot is a software that helps you to execute it. It is designed to make money from market price fluctuations and is most effective when there isnt any clear upward or downward trend over a long period.

Grid bot divides the investment amount in the bot between the left and right side of the selected pair and sets up a limit buy and sell order grid within the channel. Once the price reaches a buy or sell line it will automatically perform the trade on your behalf.

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Grid bot trading

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Grid bot trading

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