G2a transaction failed user banned

G2a transaction failed user banned

This must certainly has only a misunderstanding, and to resolve it we would like to ask you to contact us at helpdeskg2a. We would also like to remind you that every costumer can have only one account at our site.

In order to unlock your account, you need to contact our customer support via this email address helpdeskg2a. Theyll verify your account first, then if there will be no obstacle, your account will be unlocked.

Com issues only but indeed if your account got banned, youve sent a ticket to the right email address, security team of the g2a pay brand. If youve replied to the automatic response and answered all the questions required for the security verification, security team will reply accordingly as soon as the verification is done.

Transaction failed user is banned! I legit just redeemed some g2a giftcards that my brother gave to me as a gift so i can buy my first knife.

If your account has been banned, please contact g2a pay support via this email address accountissueg2a. Com theyll conduct necessary security verification in order to unlock your account.

In order to unlock your account, you need to contact our customer support via this email address helpdeskg2a. Com theyll verify your account first, then if there will be no obstacle, your account will be unlocked.

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G2a transaction failed user banned

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