Financial forensics masters

Financial forensics masters

The master analyst in financial forensics (maff) is designed to help cpas and other financial service professionals obtain the necessary training, certification, and credibility so they can grow and thrive in these. Pathway to the first and most respected financial forensics credential the maff.

  forensic accounting is a financial specialty that seeks to investigate and uncover embezzlement, accounting fraud, or financial crimes.

Get a masters in accounting and financial forensics accounting and financial forensics is a specialized field of accounting born out of the need to look beyond general accounting functions to identify concerns in the financial industry, including financial discrepancies, fraud, risk assessment, cybercrime, compliance concerns, and other issues related to complex financial transactions.

  carlow university offers 4 financial forensics and fraud investigation degree programs.

The florida institute of technology offers a masters in accounting and financial forensics that prepares students for the challenges of modern forensic accounting.

  earning a masters in forensic accounting involves a substantial financial investment. We strive to feature programs offering affordable tuition rates and ample opportunities for financial aid. Suny college at old westbury, for example, offers an in-state tuition rate of just 462 per credit.

Listed our 2018 rankings contain 5 schools offering financial forensics masters degrees. The best financial forensics masters degree program in the united states is offered by utica college. That school has a great financial forensics masters degree program - four stars for curriculum and four-star rating for teaching.

The master analyst in financial forensics (maff) is designed to help cpas and other financial service professionals obtain the necessary training, certification, and credibility so they can grow and thrive in these.

  certified public accountants (cpas) who want to investigate financial crime and discover fraud can become certified in financial forensics (cff). The american institute for certified public accountants (aicpa) offers this certification for cpas who pass the cff exam and possess adequate education and professional experience.

The masters in financial economics brings together expertise in finance, general economics and quantitative techniques in a multidisciplinary approach not found elsewhere. Together with industry experts, you will explore the world of financial economics and will specialise in asset pricing, banking or financial analysis.

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Financial forensics masters

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