Dutchware tarp worm

Dutchware tarp worm

I bought six of these for myself and six for a camping buddy. We opted for tarp worms with hardware and reflect it and the reflect it works great in the dark. We use these for our tarp tieouts and they make setting up a breeze.

I had plenty of larger diameter shock cord on hand but the worms wouldnt work with it. So, after ordering some 332 cord, using it i attached some 5 in.

It not only is a simple way to tie out your tarp, it also has a built in tarp tensioner. Just simply stake out your tarp and then pull the cord and loop it around the tail.

The tarpworms are permanently attached with shock cord to my tarp lash-it was permanently attached to the tarpworms with a buried loop at the end for connection to stakes. I replaced the lash-it in 2019 with z-line to provide more visibility.

I have shock cord loops on my 2 tarps, the hook worms are attached to my stakes. So, instead of having to buy multiple sets of tarp worms (or move them), i just grab my stake bag and whichever tarp.

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Dutchware tarp worm

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