Dragon age inquisition halla statues locations

Dragon age inquisition halla statues locations

  this video demonstrates where you can find the 10 halla statues in the winter palace in dai. Note there is an 11th statue which is not shown in the video.

The orlesian banner and the last caprice coin needed to finish that coin quest are located behind the 3 halla statue door in the guest garden, thats where verric is.

  herd of stone halla is triggered when you first find a statue of halla. There are 10 total in the winter palace, and they are used to unlock special doors in the various area.

  if the quest herd of stone halla completes before you reach the fade rift you have enough halla statues to open the last two doors. Use the halla statue you find in the courtyard to open the eastern storage room, then enter the palace. When you get to the garden, climb the trellis and pick up the first statue.

  you can check out the corpses for some dialogue with your companions, and in the kitchen just north of your location is a halla statue. Youll need to turn right and then take the northern door in this next room in order to enter the kitchen, and youll need to stand on the table to get the statue.

Grab the halla statuette in plain site, then the chest, and finally search the corner for a scandalous secret. Head south and go past the room with the quest marker for now. Open the western area via the door and into the northern room.

  if i recall correctly, once you have a halla statue, you should be able to use the save game editor to increase that number.

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Dragon age inquisition halla statues locations

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