Dash vs monero

Dash vs monero

  in the event the supply ends, we will still have production of monero at the rate of 0. Furthermore, new blocks of monero are generated between one to minutes. Therefore, monero is inflationable while dash doesnt have this issue yet. Storage of digital assets in any wallet depends on compatibility.

  how are dash and monero similar? Both dash and monero are working to create a currency like bitcoin, but more private. This essentially means it was created from bitcoins code but altered to enhance privacy.

  dash is the fork of the bitcoin blockchain, and monero is the fork of bytecoin. When it comes to scaling, optional privacy policies are made up by dash, and by monero, they are more focused on privacy, and it has off-chain scaling.

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Unlike monero, dash has a rich list, which invariably means it cannot be completely private. The financial data can be accessed by anyone monitoring the blockchain. Traceable all transactions are directed through a set of masternodes, making them untraceable.

Compare the two cryptocurrencies dash (dash) and monero (xmr). Algorithm, price, market cap, volume, supply, consensus method, links and more.

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Dash vs monero

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Dash vs monero

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