Citi global currency account schedule of fees and charges

Citi global currency account schedule of fees and charges

This schedule of fees and charges outlines the fees and charges that apply to the transaction and savings accounts set out below.

Online funds transfer charges (citibank online internet instruction fee per transfer) funds transfer (in usd or equivalent in other currencies) transfer amount currency (insideoutside uae) citibank & citigold account holder citigold private client (cpc) account holder usd 1 to 2,499 usd 10 free usd 2,500 to 9,999 usd 15 free.

With a citi global currency account, youll have bank accounts for 10 currencies in one place. Hold and exchange with no wait receive and hold up to 10 currencies and move money between them instantly at an excellent exchange rate for immediate use.

Citigold account holder check book charges free account held in foreign currency (depositing and withdrawal) free free fees on issuing demand drafts demand draft cancellation fees free free fees on issuing managers checks free free foreign currency.

5, will apply if you withdraw money from an atm and the currency withdrawn is different from the currency of the account.

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Citi global currency account schedule of fees and charges

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Citi global currency account schedule of fees and charges

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