China bans exchanges

China bans exchanges

  chinese citizens using offshore crypto exchanges to circumvent domestic bans are a factor in lawmakers new decision to block access to foreign platforms, local media reports.

Chinas central bank today banned the countrys third-party payment companies from doing business with bitcoin exchanges, sources have claimed.

In this video, i discuss chinas recent ban of crypto exchanges.

Chinese regulators have come out today and said that all the chinese based virtual currency exchanges must close down.

Following a ban on initial coin offerings, reportedly chinese officials will ban all crypto-exchanges thus impacting the trading of bitcoin.

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  china is said to ban bitcoin exchanges while allowing otc bloomberg news september 11, 2017, 1236 am edt updated on september 11, 2017, 627 am edt.

  the ban, which was announced in september, finally shuttered its last exchange and made it illegal for chinese mainlanders to exchange digital money unless they operate offshore.

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China bans exchanges

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