Central tyria mastery points

Central tyria mastery points

  gsmaniamsmart talks about central tyria mastery points, and which 49 points are the easiest to get to max out your mastery lines.

The mastery system was introduced in the heart of thorns expansion in 2015.

  mastery insights is an achievement category for achievements earned by communing with central tyria mastery insights located in bloodtide coast, dredgehaunt cliffs, fireheart rise, harathi hinterlands, iron marches, malchors leap, mount maelstrom, sparkfly fen and timberline falls.

In central tyria by reaching this point in tyria, youve demonstrated your mastery in navigating the world.

5 iron marches sunken halls of clarent - bloodfin lake waypoint swim north, make sure you dive into the underwater cavern opening and then head up to point.

  central tyria is central tyriayou dont need hot or pof to unlock them. Just get one character to level 80 to be able to use them, and meanwhile you can still collect the mastery points around tyria.

  mastery points are only used to unlock tiers, you then need to train each tier through earning experience.

Central tyria masteries were designed with older content in mind, how quickly you level and obtain those masteries is your choice.

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Central tyria mastery points

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