Bdo party loot

Bdo party loot

Each player takes a turn to loot a mob based on which players turn is next in the loot list. Main use of this option is to allow party members to directly sell items off to the marketplace and split the silver between all participating members.

Me and my friend are lvl 50, we enjoy grinding mobs together, was wondering what the best party setting is for loot distribution. We used one method that seemed to sell items straight to the market place, and another just did a round robin pickup kind of thing.

Random, round robin, free looting, and i think party leaders loot only. You can pick up drops from other players, after my guess is 2 minutes the loot becomes a ffa.

  the loot you get from kzarka is usually black stone (armor), black stone (weapon), gold bar 10g, hunters seal and kzarkas latent aura(1-2) and silver. When you have 100 of the auras, you can trade them in for a kzarkas sealed weapon box.

  if there is a gap of 10 or more levels, nobody in the party gets loot. If you are a level 50 running a scroll with a level 61, nobody will get loot from the boss (you still get the quest reward bundles).

Last updated nov 25, 2020 at 520pm published on jul 28, 2020 black desert online, bosses, gear & items 0. Dark rifts offer players the opportunity to obtain duo accessories and enhancement items by defeating bosses.

  there is a party system like in every mmp, up to 5 players, just be sure to choose the same channel while playing. You can come up to a person and you will see the list of options aboye their head or you can use invite playername do add them to party. Additionaly you can set up special deals while playing in party so all loot you guys find will be instantly posted on marketplace so everyone.

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Bdo party loot

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