Bank nifty indicator

Bank nifty indicator

  bank nifty 60 minutes chart following are the 5 powerful indicators. This might look common but if enough attention is paid it will provide important information that will help in increasing the trading accuracy.

Nifty bank index is comprised of the most liquid and large capitalised indian banking stocks.

- banknifty volume indicator is created by adding all banknifty stocks volume together.

Vwap is a very powerful indicator that is designed only for intraday traders. Vwap is widely used by technical analyst to identify market trend.

More than four types of scanner are also included in this indicator.

Banknifty analysis for 3rd may- the fall of 7,303 points from 37,708 to 30,405 and followed by 55 or 3882 point pullback from 30,405 to 34,287, we might have some more steam left to move to 34.

  this is the pine script which calculate the nifty 50 volume. Logic take each stock contribute to nifty 50 and find its volume. Multiply the same with contribution percentage of the same on nifty 50 add up all of them and find the total volume.

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Bank nifty indicator

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