Arma 3 with htc vive

Arma 3 with htc vive

  arma 3 with head tracking in direct mode with virtual desktop, opentrack and in-game irtracking on the vive. I have been using an external program called desktopsbs (for 3d tvs by paysplat) in extendedcloned desktop monitor mode.

Opentrack recently released an update with vive support, so i thought id put together a quick guide on getting it setup with arma 3 so you can use it for head-tracking (very similar to track ir). Having had a vive for a while this has been something ive been excitedly waiting, and it works really.

Finally open track has released a compatible version for the htc vive.

Arma 3 in vr in full hd with hp reverb! If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Hey guys i am a new vorpx user, just started using it with my vive and it is working surprisingly well, i am very pleased. On to the topic at hand i have got arma3 working fine with vorpx although the head-movement controls the mouse (which i understand is how vorpx works).

  i probably could do some tweeking with the vd angle and armas fov to get the perfect balance but it all worked pretty well out of the box. Just thought id share incase anybody else has cv1 and arma, but doesnt want to pay formess with vorpx. Fixed grab guide visuals being offset for the right hand when using htc vive wand controllers.

Skydive in vr - arma 3 with oculus rift! If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Arma 3, windows mixed reality, ah64d apachequick test flight in arma 3, full 3d vr using vorpx. Super smooth flight, no stutters almost max graphics on gtx 1.

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Arma 3 with htc vive

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