1873 silver dollar

1873 silver dollar

73 grams, so they have the same physical specifications as the popularly collected morgan and peace silver dollars.

Usa coin book estimated value of 1873 trade silver dollar is worth 168 in average condition and can be worth 1,162 to 3,682 or more in uncirculated (ms) mint condition.

  1873 denomination t1 mint mark none mintage business 396,635 proof 865 (reported) alloy.

21 and this price is based off the current silver spot price of 27.

In february 1873, new legislation was enacted that, among other things, replaced the silver dollar with the trade dollar. The âcrime of 1873â, as the âsilveritesâ years later called it, did not go in effect until april 1, 1873.

12, 1873, the mint act was passed that, among other effects, would in part mark the end of the silver half dime and standard silver dollar added weight to the half dollar and paved the.

1873-1885 silver dollar trade (in god we trust liberty united states of america trade dollar 420 grains 900 fine e pluribus unum) km 108 coin and its complete list of years and varieties with prices and values.

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1873 silver dollar

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1873 silver dollar

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